Natural Heating Water Requires No Chemical Additives

We think it goes without saying that heating provides comforting warmth in our home in the cold weather, and the system should ideally work as efficiently as possible and require low maintenance.

As is often the case with heating, water is a decisive factor. Depending on the local water quality, filling the system with untreated drinking water can lead to limescale deposits and contamination, which will impair the efficiency of the heating system. For example, a coating of limescale just 1 mm thick increases the energy requirement by 10%. Not only does this become costly in the long term but, in the worst-​case scenario, the system will require regular repairs or could have a complete breakdown.

Best water for modern heating systems
Heating systems have become increasingly complex in recent years and are more susceptible to faults. Some heating manufacturers specify compliance with certain water quality standards in their guarantee and warranty conditions, and any guarantee and warranty claims may become invalid if the heating systems are filled with untreated water.


Perfect heating water with BWT

BWT products work seamlessly together, so the filling and top-​up water for your heating system is demineralised or softened, and therefore optimally treated, with no chemical additives used. This prevents a build-​up of limescale, sludge, gases and corrosion, while also adhering to the heating manufacturer guarantee and warranty conditions.

Heating Protection

The products from BWT’s AQA therm range, e.g. the AQA therm Heating Water Group (HWG), guarantee perfect, naturally-​heated water, with no chemical additives. Benefits at a glance:

Less limescale, sludge, gas and corrosion in the heating system
The entire heating system protected from damage
Efficient heating and lower heating costs
Extended service life of the heating system
Guaranteed heating manufacturer warranty claims